The Stork Club

The Stork ClubBabies born into low-income families leave the hospital with little more than a blanket from the nursery. They won’t have a car seat for the ride home or a safe place to sleep when they get there. The parents will struggle to keep them in clean clothes and enough diaper changes.

You can change that by sponsoring a newborn when you join The Stork Club. Your donation of $300 provides a Baby Bundle including all the essential items listed below that an infant needs in the first few months of life to ensure that they thrive:

  • A portable crib for safe sleep
  • A car seat for safe travel
  • Clean clothes, bottles, and blankets
  • A bathtub, towel, washcloths, and hygiene items
  • A front carrier to bond with baby
  • Newborn diapers and wipes

Each bundle also provides the parents with information regarding safe sleep practices, development charts, immunization schedules, child abuse prevention, child safety tips and locations for free and certified car seat installation.

Complete the form below then choose your payment option for a one time donation of $300 for a complete Baby Bundle or a monthly payment to help more babies!

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