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K.I.D.S. Article

K.I.D.S. ARTICLEWhat happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas when it comes to SIDS awareness and prevention. On October 14, K.I.D.S. had the pleasure of teaming up with Delta Children on the latest stop on its nationwide tour to establish a network of Safe Sleep centers spreading the word on creating safe sleep environments for infants in the first year of their lives.

K.I.D.S. President Denise Williams joined Delta Children President Joe Shamie and First Candle CEO Kelly Mariotti at the launch event, which was hosted by Kim Amato, founder of Las Vegas-based K.I.D.S. community partner Baby’s Bounty, a human services organization that helps economically disadvantaged families.

During the event, which was part of Delta’s pledge to donate $1,000,000 worth of new Delta cribs to parents in need nationwide, Shamie stressed the importance of a safe crib and offered tips to the families with the help of First Candle, a leading national nonprofit dedicated to infant health and survival.

“This is an ongoing effort and commitment on our part to educate parents nationwide on the importance of safe sleeping conditions for their children,” said Joseph Shamie. “As a father and grandfather myself, I don’t sleep at night unless I know babies are safe in our cribs.”

K.I.D.S. supports Delta’s initiatives and is the brand’s partner on this journey. “We at K.I.D.S. are very proud of our ongoing collaboration with Delta Children’s Products to educate parents nationwide about safe sleep environments for infants,” said Denise Williams. “We’re thrilled that Delta’s latest donation of new cribs will benefit parents in the Las Vegas area served by our local community partner Baby’s Bounty.”

Kelly Mariotti also noted the importance of the initiative. “The Delta Safe Sleep Campaign is an incredible effort! Delta is making it possible for local families to have new cribs – families that might not otherwise have a safe sleeping place for their babies,” she said. “Putting a baby to sleep in its own crib, with nothing but a mattress and tight-fitting sheet, can reduce the risk of SIDS, the leading cause of death for infants one month to one year of age.”

We salute our partners Delta Children and First Candle for their continued commitment to this important initiative and thank Baby’s Bounty for helping bring the message of safe sleep to families in Las Vegas.