As I was expecting my first baby, I was terrified of how I was going to be able to take care of this new life, and that was with a support network around me. How do babies born in harder circumstances get the bare necessities to grow up safe, healthy and well? I saw a segment on the news about Baby’s Bounty. As I experienced first-hand all the challenges of safely caring for a newborn, I understood the importance of the mission more than ever. When I saw the announcement that the organization would close its doors without a new executive director, I wanted to do something to help.

Baby’s Bounty Montgomery County was founded in March 2013 by Jesica Roman. In the first year, 100 babies born into impoverished families received cribs, car seats, bathtubs, clothing and other basic needs to ensure that they thrived.

Community support through volunteers and donations is what has allowed Baby’s Bounty to grow and thrive. I hope to put my own experience of over a decade in political campaigns and five years running my own business together with the community that has supported this organization from the beginning to help Baby’s Bounty make a difference in the lives of even more newborns and their families.

Special thanks to the many volunteers and community members who support us, especially the original Baby’s Bounty founder, Kim Amato; our affiliate’s founder and board chair, Jesica Roman; Shoemaker Construction in Rockville which provides donated office space for the BBMC distribution center; and local knitting angels for launching a program called “Bundle Up Baby” to knit blankets for each baby in need. Find out how you can help BBMC by contacting mocoinfo@babysbounty.org today!

–Marisa Nickols
Executive Director, Baby’s Bounty Montgomery County